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El Dorado White Rum 0
El Dorado White Rum 3 year old
Category: Rum
Region: Guyana
Producer: El Dorado



El Dorado’s 3 year old rum is the perfect base for cocktails, but with aromas of pineapple, guava, mango, coconut and vanilla you’ll enjoy it just as much on it’s own as in a mojito. A summer favorite!

Wine Enthusiast

Early aroma sincludes ashy, tarred cinders/asphalt and molasses; following aeration the sweetness element comes to the forefront. The palate is bittersweet, a tad chalk-like and warming, then offers a highly pleasing bitterness. Finishes mellow, cocoa sweet, and lusciously medium-weighted in texture. What all molasses-based white rum should be.

Score: 90-95. September 01, 2007.